Barthels M., Clinical efficacy of prothrombin complex concentrates and recombinant factor VIIa in the treatment of bleeding episodes in patients with factor VII and IX inhibitors. Thrombosis Research. 95(4 Suppl 1):S31-8, 1999.
An overview is given on APCCs and recombinant FVIIa for the treatment of bleeding episodes in hemophiliacs with FVIII or FIX inhibitors or in patients with acquired hemophilia. The initial dose of activated plasma-derived PPCs, mainly FEIBA, is up to 100 U/kg body weight, and the maintenance dosage is up to 100 U/kg body weight twice daily. The single dosage of recombinant FVIIa is about 60-90 microg/kg body weight, which has to be repeated every 2 to 6 hours depending on the bleeding situation.
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